Thursday, April 15, 2010

-I never realized how anonymous life is in the United States. And while some people might lament that they don’t like the anonymity and we should live in a communal world and blah blah etc, try living in a country where you are not only the racial and cultural minority but you are essentially one of a kind. Where everything you do is of interest to everyone and the most mundane parts of life are spectacle. And sometimes, when you’ve had a long week and you just want to listen to some music and have a beer you don’t want to have to explain why or what you are doing to anyone. Don’t take that anonymity for granted, I miss it.

-I find myself defending God a lot. To some of you—most of you—this might sound a little, well, odd. But here in this country, and a little bit in this town we have this really feverish type of evangelism that is really only fire and brimstony. What happened to the Haitians is because of their pact with the devil, if women wear pants they are probably going to hell, and Catholics worship too many false idols. Oh, and god is very very angry with us. I don’t know if it’s my college degree or what but several people seem to ask me with some authority if I believe what Pastor says. I politely say no and that my reason is that I believe that God lives in the heart not in the tongue/mind and that the message of Jesus was love and compassion not hatred and exclusivity. Interestingly, while I still don’t believe in hell and I’m pretty sure I don’t believe in heaven, I absolutely believe the previous sentence—but I still don’t want to go to church.

-I’ve read 37 books since August 20th 2009. One recently was a dense 400 pager that I finished in two days called Random Family; it’s wonderful, you should read it. I’ve been told and have realized that I will never have this much time to read except for maybe in my retirement if such a thing will ever exist. My themes have covered everything from poverty in the US, poverty in the middle east, poverty in Haiti, poverty in the DR, love stories, utopian environmentalist stories, economics, quite a bit about god in all different forms, funny stories, tough life stories, a lot of prison stories (not intentionally or related), and David Sedaris. Any suggestions?

-There is maybe nothing more repulsive than finding a cockroach nestled comfortably in the business end of your toothbrush.


  1. i say here that i understand the first part of this blog completely and can relate 100%. i wish that BUYING the damn beer to have when i want to escape wasnt the big town talk, but alas, it is. maybe you are the only other person on the face of this world that i know right now who can relate. thanks for living strange and keeping it all real. means so much to me here on the other side of the world and i love you that much more for it my dear.

    keeping preachin sister. they might get that god is in the little stuff eventually, but only with your help. god is everywhere.

    hugs and hula hoops

  2. Hey, Sam-
    The crew from Dirigo HS in Maine got home safely, and your part in our trip was one of the highlights. Los Marranitos was pretty sweet, too. Anyway, you can email me ( with your mailing address so we can get you some care packages. Please tell us what you'd most like to receive to get a taste of home.
    Oh, and keep fighting the good fight. The image of America that you present is the one that I wish could always be seen: inclusiveness, acceptance, open-mindedness, and egalitarianism. You do us proud.

    Your new friend in Maine,