Saturday, May 22, 2010

one last thing...

I accidentally put these in mostly chronological order...captions at bottom

1) Rich versus poor, neighbors in Constanza

2) Some hilarious geese, our barrio in Constanza

3) Religion is sport, Constanza

4) A nice house in the Batey, Las Pajas

5) Los Pilones

6) Punta Rusia from the end of town

7) A pet parrot, Los Pilones

8) The view "uptown" from my plastic chair, Punta Rusia

9) The view "downtown" from my plastic chair, Punta Rusia

10) The restaurant I lived above for most of my service--from my plastic chair, Punta Rusia
11) Elementary school and library, Punta Rusia

12) My first Dominican boyfriend/nephew Edison, Punta Rusia

13) Reina and Lorena, Punta Rusia

14) The sunset from my porch, Punta Rusia

15) My house, Punta Rusia

16) Beach cleaning and trash burning on earth day, Punta Rusia

17) Kids in the "park", Punta Rusia

18) More earth day, Punta Rusia

19) Two wood and zinc houses by the side of the newly paved road, Los Pilones

20) The gas station, Punta Rusia

1 comment:

  1. Your love of the place is apparent from the pictures you've taken.